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We deliver value by leveraging expert talent, proven processes, and the latest technologies to meet your cybersecurity and data protection needs.


About Us

Since our inception, Bahati Tech has focused on a results-driven approach to helping enterprises make the most of their technology investment by leveraging data protection and security compliance as a differentiator in the market. What’s so different about our approach, and what makes us the ideal Data Protection/ Cybersecurity partner for you?

We have a highly capable team of experts that are positioned to provide you with business-aligned technology solutions and services. When you partner with Bahati Tech, you gain access to a trustworthy and capable team tasked with deploying technology solutions and support services that meet the fast-paced threat landscape and increasing regulatory demands.

Virtual CISO and Outsourced Information Officer Advisory Services

Our Virtual CISO (VCISO) & OIO as a Service - help executives, security teams, and technology teams with Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management.

Data Protection &

Our advisory consulting provides a
tailored and clear strategy, advising
businesses on privacy, cybersecurity,
and compliance requirements.


Our training programs will help you embed security culture in your organisation and drive privacy by design across your technology and innovation environments. Empower your employees to become your best defence against cyberattacks and data breaches.

Vendor Due Diligence

Our due diligence consulting services
will ensure your third party vendors data protection and cybersecurity practices
are aligned to your organisation and industry standards. Speak to us today!


Our Products

Make the most of your investment in Bahati Tech products.
Investment in Cybersecurity solutions is increasing, however cyberattacks are at an all-time high. Our Products will help your organisation create a resilient and compliant digital environment.

Ransomware Risk Management

Data Protection Automated Services

  • Interactive Consulting Services
  • Privacy by Design
  • Information Officer Outsourcing
  • Readiness Assessments
  • Watch Introductory Video
Dark Data Scanning and Discovery Solutions

  • Scan Unstructured Data
  • Identify Actionable Data
  • Identify Personal Data
  • Convert Dark Data into Smart Data
  • Watch Introductory Video

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